2023-2025 Strategic Plan

Roadmap for Impact

Letter from Chief Executive Officer & Board Chair

To our Partners, Staff, Board, and Supporters

Following the retirement of the founder and CEO, Barry La Forgia in 2022, International Relief Teams embarked on its first leadership transition since its founding in 1988. During this process, the Board stated a clear mandate for organizational growth to the leadership team. This directive was focused on the expansion of programs and fundraising revenue, as well as the growth and diversification of International Relief Teams’ donor base.

For the last 24 months, the organization has proactively engaged in an internal process of self-examination. All elements of International Relief Teams’ operation and culture have been reviewed to determine whether to streamline, improve, grow, or replace them. This internal review process has included the analysis of everything from programs and financial infrastructure, to fundraising practices and the use of data and reporting. This deep dive illuminated immediate opportunities for operational efficiencies, which resulted in the development of a revised budget and the use of donor segmentation to guide cultivation and stewardship. Among other things, it became clear that the organization needed a strategic plan to clarify its priorities and guide its efforts for the next three years.

The following pages are the result of an in-depth and collaborative process of active listening. During this inflection point in International Relief Teams’ history, we engaged in intentional conversations with you — our Board, staff, donors, volunteers, and partners – to inform our path forward. Rather than providing turn-by-turn directions, this plan is designed as a roadmap that will allow us to chart a more strategic course and achieve ambitious goals over the next three years. It is not intended to be a detailed tactical plan with specific timeframes. That will be developed in the next phase of this work.

Roadmap for Impact is a blueprint for action that will provide clarity and focus to our efforts, and transparency to our stakeholders in the years to come, honoring the organization’s remarkable 35-year journey and setting the framework for continued success and greater impact for the next 35 years.

In partnership,

Angelica Ocampo and Rich Yousko
Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair

Our Framework

Guided by our mission, Roadmap for Impact was designed using a framework that answers
these existential questions for International Relief Teams:

Why we serve

How we serve

What we will achieve

The answers to these interrelated questions often complement and inform one another.
Together, they provide the roadmap to strategically navigate challenges and seize
opportunities over the next three years.

Who we are

Our Mission
International Relief Teams’ mission is to improve the lives of people affected by emergencies and poverty around the world by providing life’s most essential resources of food, water, shelter and medicines.

Emergency Relief


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)



Who we are

Our Mission

International Relief Teams’ mission is to improve the lives of people affected by emergencies and poverty around the world by providing life’s most essential resources of food, water, shelter and medicines.

Why we serve

Our Purpose

Our work is rooted in an unwavering belief that all humans are equal and have the right to satisfy their basic needs. We believe every person deserves the opportunity to be self-sufficient.

Our purpose is to intervene wherever and whenever people are unable to do so and add value by providing access to basic services, resources and knowledge that can transform people’s lives, and restore hope in their own capacity to be self-sufficient.

We believe in the dignity of all people and deliver services to all regardless of race, religion, or national origin. We serve without asking anything in return. We are apolitical and focus on the solutions, not the origins of the problems. We learn from others and share our knowledge with others.

How we serve:

Our Commitments and Values

Our Commitments

Our Values

We work to serve others by alleviating suffering and improving the lives of those who need it most.
We are stronger and more effective when we partner with organizations who share our values and have a strong presence in the field.

We strive to make the world a more impartial place, by allocating resources as needed to create equitable outcomes for all communities served.

Impact Driven

As a lean, dynamic team with a solid capacity to leverage strategic partnerships, our goal is to achieve the greatest impact for every dollar donated.


Our work is not easy or straightforward, it requires courage to commit to those who need it most and determination and patience to achieve the results needed.


Our goal is to serve those who are in need, and this can only be accomplished if compassion, respect, and dignity guide our every action.

What we will achieve:

Our Goals

Regardless of their circumstances, we exist to provide vulnerable communities with access
to these basic needs:
Informed by these guiding principles, our mission is the basis for each of the goals
we seek to achieve over the next three years:

Goal 1

Grow our Development Programs portfolio to improve long-term access to locally grown food, renewable sources of water, and healthy places to live.

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Goal 2

Grow our Emergency Response work in the relief and recovery phases to support distribution of food, water, shelter, and medicines.

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Goal 3

Establish a presence and commitment in the communities we serve.
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Goal 4

Grow and diversify revenue streams to ensure the sustainability of the organization.

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Goal 5

Strengthen board leadership and governance.

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Measuring our Impact

We will continue to research best practices implemented around the world to inform our programs and rely on data to guide decisions and implement solutions. We will work with local partners to identify the solutions that are the most appropriate fit for the problem at hand, bearing in mind the cultural nuances of the community.

We will continue working with partners on the ground to identify the best metrics to measure progress and impact of each of our programs. We will use data collection both to assess impact within a given timeframe, and to implement the changes and course corrections needed to achieve the goals set.

International Relief Teams’ staff will operationalize Roadmap for Impact over the next three years with tactical goals and specific action plans and will report to the Board on the progress and updates on a semiannual basis.

Finally, we work in a rapidly changing world and are aware that this is a live document intended to mark the path for the next 3 years. We will adapt as needed to reflect new challenges as they arise.